Tom Geraedts.

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / ‘Matisse’
TV Commercial
Promo for exhibition
Production company: Mals Media
DP: Diderik Evers

Dell / ‘Visual thinking’
Future concept video
What will the future of creative collaboration look like?
Production company: ThePanics
DP: Joris Bulstra

T-Mobile / Out of home
TV Commercial
After a successful first commercial T-mobile came back for another one. With a special Netflix deal they had to offer for new customers. We puzzled our way through the Netflix material to create this fun choreography.
Production company: ThePanics
Agency: Anomaly
DP: Maxime Desmet 

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam /
‘Machine Spectacle’

TV Commercial
Jean Tinguely is famous for his playful, boldly kinetic machines and explosive performances. In this commercial for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam I wanted to channel the playfulness and anarchistic attitude of Tinguely and bring his spirit back to life.
Production company: Mals Media
Agency: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
DP: Paul Özgür, NSC

Max Cooper / ‘Supine’

Music Video
Music video for Max cooper about the nature of complexity. And also the beauty that comes with increased complexity in our lives. Evolutioni has always been increasing detail, variation and resolution of life. This refinement of life is something truly miraculous.

The video has been shot through the reflecting light of countless mirrors.

Wasteboards  ‘Join the ride’

Online film
Wasteboards makes skateboards from recycled plastic out of the plastic soup in our oceans. I responded to the brief with the idea to create some sort of superGIF. This is an unlimited loop depicting the recycling process of the plastic and at the same time showing what plastic does with the creatures of the sea!
Production company: Smarthouse films
Agency: lemon scented tea
DP: Diderik Evers