Short film

Synopsis: When the slightly naïve Ronnie gives up a tad too much personal information during verification questions on his computer, he receives a fully customized invitation from his OS in return. After accepting the offer his OS takes over his computer, forcing Ronnie to do everything in his power to keep his dark desires a secret for his approaching wife.

Confirmed screenings:
Nederlands Film Festival 2019- Netherlands
Shortcutz Amsterdam 2019 - Netherlands
Goa short film festival 2019 - India
Limburg film festival 2020 - Netherlands
Director: Tommie Geraedts
Written by: Roy van Kessel & Arthur Menko
Producer: Liene Berina, House of Panic
Cinematography: Maxime Desmet
Edit: Inez Poortinga
Music: Vincent-Paolo Corputty
Sound design & mixing: Klevr
Visual Effects: Postpanic
Production design: The Artel

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands.